You’re getting desperate. You’re falling into despair. Cue the dramatic music to emphasize the utter disappointment as you (read: I) sift through the broken shards of a damaged heart when yet another NO lands in email boxes everywhere informing us, YET AGAIN, that we did not win The Wave permit. Will the odds ever be […]

It’s that time of year again when the mad scramble of gift shopping ensues and we all hope we’re doing right by our loved ones in giving them exactly what they want this holiday season. This year, though, what if we took the guess work out of giving and receiving and stopped waffling when we’re […]

When CNN asked for my take on the five best pieces of backpacking gear, I ran to answer with THESE hard working, top performing favorites.

”I’m in a remote part of the Grand Tetons, a place where you can get nabbed out of your sleeping bag by bears,” said Chris Burkard, renowned outdoor and adventure photographer. Burkard was in the thick of his first attempt to complete the 2023 Tour Divide Bike Race.  His goals left little time for anything […]

Desperate to get into your favorite national park but don’t have the entry permit to do so? Use this hard-won insider info to beat the permit process and stroll on into these coveted outdoor spaces! It all started with me eavesdropping on a conversation as I sifted through the women’s clothing section of my favorite […]

I was cruising, as one does, on social media, slowing to admire only a few pictures but rarely reading the empty calorie captions from a channel that increasingly has zero substance, when I came across a striking picture paired with stunning words. I was looking for information about the Glen Canyon region that straddles Utah […]

“Yeah, I don’t mean to be an alarmist…but I’ve heard some really scary things about that hike…” This came from a video I posted recently on social media encouraging a woman who asked if Havasupai was “doable solo.” I said “absolutely” and then took it a step further by replying with an initial full how-to […]

Havasupai opened back up February 2023 after being closed since 2020 due to COVID-19 and flash flooding.  Because of this, the all-out sprint to get there IS REAL. If you’re looking to nab your permits and run off to a fairytale land of unreal blue green waterfalls and crystalline pools, BUT don’t know where to […]

At its core, I have found the adventuresome spirit to be insatiable. This beast wants to be fed a steady meal plan of wandering which always leaves me craving more sources of wonder. My daily diet requirements can be a mix of things to stave off the hunger- just as long as I’m ingesting something […]




It really is a conquest of creativity to spend 25+ years building a comfortable life only to look back on it and decide to pull off a destructive extreme makeover. That before life (of the ever popular DIY before and after) I built had a perfectly mediocre fixer-upper feel with 1970s avocado colored appliances, shag […]