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How to Snag a Dream Hiking Permit to Havasupai NOW

Mar 6, 2023

Havasupai opened back up February 2023 after being closed since 2020 due to COVID-19 and flash flooding.  Because of this, the all-out sprint to get there IS REAL.

If you’re looking to nab your permits and run off to a fairytale land of unreal blue green waterfalls and crystalline pools, BUT don’t know where to start, FEAR NOT! Here are the steps to take to hit the ground full speed ahead!

The first step to planning out your Havasupai trip starts with securing your permits.

Yes, this is another beautiful bucket list place that has restricted their access and permits have been historically hard to obtain.  The good news, though, is that because of the closures of Havasupai between 2020 to well, now, a healthy cancellations list has been building from those who have held reservations over the last several years and could not go on their selected dates, chosen years ago, when Havasupai finally opened back up.

As a result, their cancelled trip dates were placed on a cancellation list located on the havasupaireservations.com website and is now available to you if those trip dates and group sizes work for you.

Questions you might have before starting the easy process of getting those Havasupai Permits:


The trip to Havasupai costs $395 total per person for your entire three night/four day stay. Example: If you have a group size of two, the trip will cost $790 total for two people for the three night/four day trip.

Trip Length

The length of all trips listed are for four days and three nights. There are no day permits.  This cannot be changed and is non-negotiable. You, obviously, do not have to stay for all four days or three nights but you will have to pay for all days and nights listed in your reservation.

Worried you’ll get bored and won’t have enough to do?  Check out this itinerary to maximize your stay in Havasupai!

Date Availability

The dates listed are the only ones available, with no other source of reservation permit dates to choose from, at this time.

Group Sizes versus Trip Dates

As an example, let’s say that you have found your ideal set of dates that works for you.  The only problem is that the group size listed is for three people but you only have two going on the trip.

According to the Havasupai website, the group sizes paired with your chosen set of dates cannot be changed at the time of purchase. If you only have two people in your group but the group size listed for the reservation dates are for three people, the Havasupai website details a way to deal with this by instructing: “If you purchase a cancelled Reservation with more people/spots than you need, you can use the Cancellation/Transfer System to transfer those extra spots away.” 

Hacking the System- Don’t Do It

Don’t try to hack the system and show up without permits or have more people in your physical group than the group size listed on your permits.  The Havasupai people have perfected their system with a check-in process that requires everyone to be present and have a government issued photo ID in order to receive their wristband.  This wristband, which acts as proof that you have permits, will also be required to be shown at a check point along the road within the Havasupai Reservation, about halfway along the drive to the trailhead parking lot. They have the road coned off and barricaded with cars and you will be turned away. Due to all manner of foolery from us visitors, the Havasupai have been trained well and have zero tolerance for visitors acting badly and trying to dupe their system.

Ready to grab those permits?  Whoop whoop!  Let’s gooooo!

How to find the cancellation list on the Havasupai website and secure your permits:

  1. Go to HavasupaiReservations.com
  2. Log in OR if you do not have an account created yet, go ahead and create one since it is required.
  3. Once you’re logged in, go to the homepage, scroll down until you see the Cancellations/Transfers List button.
  4. Click on that button and scroll down until you see the list of dates start to appear.
  5. Choose the best set of dates for you from the list by clicking on blue View button.
  6. You’ll land on a page that says PURCHASE CAMPGROUND RESERVATION TRANSFER.
  7. Confirm that the set of dates and group size is, in fact, what you want and then…
  8. Scroll down and fill out your reservation information.
  9. You’ll be prompted to enter your payment information and agree to the terms and conditions
  10. When you’re ready, hit the Buy Reservation button and…BOOM! YOU DID IT!
  11. Check your email for what will appear to be your campground reservation.  This will also serve as your permits for your Havasupai trip.

…and there you go!  Make sure to follow all the next steps detailed in the Havasupai reservation generated emails and you’re good to go for your bucket list trip!

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